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Fully Loaded Self Defense Keychains

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Payette Idaho

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Character Keychians are $10.00 plus shipping

FREE shipping if your order is over $50.00


you can click on the picture to enlarge it..

Characters that are in stock as of 2/20/2024 are below


right now we are getting ready for transporting everything to Bazaars so Making a list will be done later on.

Ask us if you are looking for something specific


Self Defense Keychains!


Fully Loaded and BLINGED! (no Suitcase)

While Supplies last comes with pepper spray, stunner, accessories


$40.00 Plus Shipping

LIMITED Fully Loaded Bling Sets


Fully Loaded with Suitcase

Fully LOaded With Suitcase and accessories, Pepper Spray and Stun Gun


Fully Loaded with Suitcase-Free Shipping


Feeling Safe Custom made Keychains $20.00 Plus Shipping

Characters can be traded for other accessories, small purses, wallets etc.

free shipping for orders of $50.00 or more!


Small wallets, Cases, Lipstick holders, change purses.


Small Lipstick holders $3.00 with tiny purse $5.00

Larger Wallets/holders $10.00

Wristlets $10.00

These can be added and substituted when building your custom keychain.

Simple Keychain with Large window Breaker, Can Opener, whistle, Pompom,

Body Alarm, Lanyard and 1 Character.

Email us for Custom made Keychain!

$20.00 plus shipping