If you need an updated list of "ACTIVE"  Pixel Sites you can COPY mine.

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JustSiv (main Sigmachine Site)-http://cupoflilthings.com/

The Pixel Doll - http://thepixeldoll.com

Elf Expressions - http://elfexpressions.com

Polka-Dot Pixels - http://www.polkadotpixel.net

Pixel Addix - http://www.pixeladdix.com.ve/

Chez Sylvia Pixel - http://chezsylviapixel.fr

Crazy Siggie Club - http://mycrazysiggieclub.blogspot.com.ar

SiggiesVillage - http://siggiesvillage.mundopixel.org

Museni - http://museni.com

disbme - http://disbme.com

FunnyBunny - http://funnybunnypixels.com

A Pixel -N- Time - http://apixel-n-time.com

MeYou Graphics - http://www.meyougraphics.bravehost.com/index.html

Momma203's Pixel Place - http://momma203.biz

Country Pixel Paws-http://countrypixelpaws.com

Marcelas Design - http://marcelasdesign.com

Tati's pixels http://www.tatipixel.com

Grammy's  www.grammyscreativegarden.com

Jules Pixels - http://www.julespixels.net 

Tallie's Corner - http://talliescorner.co.uk

Teena's Touch - http://dazedjourney.com

Mely's Arts -  http://mely-arts.be/

Sweet Siggies - http://www.sweetsiggies.com

Inger's Pixel Site - http://pixels.ingerssite.de  

Fantastic Pixel Dreams - http://fantasticpixeldreams.at

Sweet Siggies - www.sweetsiggies.com 
Inger's Pixels - http://pixels.ingerssite.de
Friendly Tags - http://www.friendlytags.com/
Beyond Eternal - http://www.beyondeternal.com/
Pattibugz Hugz- http://pattibugzhugz.net/
Vanilla Patch - http://www.vanilla-patch.com/
The Pixel Doll - http://www.thepixeldoll.com/
Art by Rel - http://artbyrel.webs.com
Expressive Signatures- http://expressivesignatures.com/
Faery Pixels- http://faerypixels.com
Cassiopeia Web - http://cassiopeiaweb.com/
Little Cottage Pixels- http://www.littlecottagepixels.com  

Fancy Cricket- http://www.fancycricket.net/

limitless-pixels- http://limitless-pixels.com/

Daisy Evil Princess- http://www.daisyevilprincess.com/

AngelDreamz- http://www.angeldreamz.net/

Annica's Home- http://annicashome.com/