Terms OF Use


My terms are simple.

If you buy it you can use it.

Tubing is allowed when you buy my outlines.

there is no tubing/profit license as of right now.

If I see any abuse of my outlines then I will start Charging.


Outlines- you can tube them and sell them.

Creating as is tubes with my outlines is a NO NO.

Unless you have permission.

I will only Give permission to very few people.

I want my graphics to stay ORIGINAL.


Tubes- you can create web sets, sig tags Etc.

and sell them.

Credit for the tubes and line art must be given.



Unless You have permission.

I will not offer a lot of AS IS graphics.

THEME Weeks Are one of the Exceptions.

Theme weeks will be AS IS unless otherwise posted.



Some times I use layouts from Simplyshantastic.

in  my web sets.

I paid to use them.. please respect both our terms!

Shannon's Link must remain on all her layouts.

DO NOT remove any of her protection codes.

And Her terms must be read and complied with.

If you purchase a web set ..

it is to be used for personal use only

And not offered in your members areas.

freeware web sets are for personal non profit use only

Do not chop up or dismember my Web Sets please.


Sig Tags

add them to your monthly sig tag offers in packages or

membership Areas.

After Names Are Added to Them.